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Your characters in this campaign begin their careers in the metropolis of Cantius, which is the largest city, and not by a small amount, on the world of Gaianna. Located on the eastern shores of the Cerulean Sea, in a moderately warm environment (similar to the Carolinas in the US or the Riviera in Europe), you can think of Cantius to be very much like the Ancient Rome of this world.

The reason why this city is so heavy populated compared to other places of civilization in the world is because it is renowned to be a place where no human or demi-human is turned away from its gates for any reason, and if required, is provided basic means to survive, with food, water, and shelter. There is no other place on Gaianna which allows this.

Throughout its history, the decision to maintain this philosophy has been a difficult one. The rulers of the city are the most powerful members of the clergy of Sinarca, who demand that the city retains this philosophy. The sect has put many rules in place to ensure the city can continue to operate and exist in this manner.

The main rule is that any individual who comes to the city and cannot prove their value to the realm will be put into one of the many districts of the city that have earned the nickname “The Backstreets”, until such a time which they can prove their value, or they wish to leave the city and strike out into the wilderness.

The Backstreets sprawl across the landscape in the area, over a million people live there, of all human and demi-human races and cultures from all across Gaianna. From the inside, the Backstreets are considered to be comforting and looked upon as a gift from the goddess Sinarca, as the walls protect the populace from the horrors of the outside world. From the outside, however, the Backstreets have a far different reputation, being a haven for the weak, lazy, or criminal. A common threat from other cultures’ parents to children around the Cerulean Sea is to be “sent to the Backstreets” for their poor behavior.

When developing your character, you will need to come up with a reason in your background about why your character is in the Backstreets.

The simplest explanation for this may be that your character was born there, as several generations have been born, grown old, and died here. Keep in mind, however, that most in the Backstreets have very little formal education, and also have never seen the world outside the Backstreets, so their viewpoints may be considered “odd” to some. Those who have never left the Backstreets may have never seen a tree, heard animals at night, or even seen the stars, as the light house at Cantius floods the night sky with light pollution.

For those with a higher education, it’s likely, although not required, that your character would have had to flee to the Backstreets for reasons of their own.

This campaign plays under the rules for the Fantasy Flight “Genesys” Core rule set. The game is different from many of the more popular fantasy RPG rules, in that the game itself is more of a toolkit or framework to design your own fantasy RPG. The class system in particular has been stripped and recreated in an attempt to allow more variety to the personality types that can be played.

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Character Background

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